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Author Alexey Baykov

The Circle of Six in Practice of the Discipline of Authentic Movement

The Master (Teacher-Witness) is sitting quietly welcoming the participants one by one, as they come in and join the circle, taking a cushion and sitting on it on the floor around the green candle in the centre of the Circle.

When the Movers become six, the Master, asks whether anyone wants to share their feelings or thoughts before to go into the experience of the Discipline of Authentic Movement.

As everyone is ready, the Master invites Movers to stand up, removes the candle, takes a Tibetan bowl and a stick (the symbols of Womb and a Phallus), and gathers the movers into a Circle. Step by step, little by little movers get closer and closer, almost touching the shoulders of each there, still feeling friendly comfort, as if movers became magnetised by the centre of the circle pulled into it.

The Master-Witness begins to look into the eyes of each mover one by one. Some movers look into the eyes of the Master and then meet the eyes of others, some Movers look into the centre of the Circle, and the Master-Witness and Movers accept them like this. Mover are about to say one by one their roles with words like «I’m Moving», «I’m a Mover», «I’m Moved» depending on the level of engagement of ego into the process, so when there’s no more resistance of the ego, a Move may say just «Moved» without «i».

There’s a pause of loud silence, which is strongly pushes the ears, making the breath choke of the pressure that is felt by non-bodily senses, as if the airplane is at the point of getting off the ground - the pressure grows, but it is comfortable and yet so exciting, slight tickling a bit inside the body, and while the feeling grows tickling becomes tingling - first on the top of the head fontanelle  and fingertips and then spreads out through all the body , which transforms into an impulse from within which pushes the body into the centre of the circle, making the body stand on the tiptoes and at the same time creating a feeling of grounding, as if roots appear and grow out from the centre of the feet deep into the ground, also making the spine arch backwards and the crown of the head stretch into the space above, prolonging spine as further as it could.

I feel that I’m moved for many seconds already - so many experiences happened already as if an hour has gone, but for real this took just a few milliseconds. 


[ It's felt that time and space aspects of reality expand and collapse so fast, that it's hard to understand how much time was spent and where it is taking place.]

I’m moved, and I say «Moved» being the first to say, I’m so engaged into the processes happening inside my existence , my being (i can’t say «my body», because the experience overwhelms and covers all that could be felt, thought or sensed in any way).

Then other Movers say their roles, but i’m already ready to merge. I surrender. I’m moved, and there’s «i» no more, my eyes are staring at the centre of the Circle waiting for the bowl to sound. 

There’s a powerful wall of energy, as a wave of the ocean, propping me from the outside of the Circle - as if a I’m in a tube or in the centre of a Torus (which is a tube) that is pressing and holding me out from the borders pushing me inside into the centre of the circle… 

[ as if I’m at the edge of the abyss, a Sacred Womb, Yoni ]

…and suddenly a strong "stem"-flow-stream of energy from the centre goes up and out, pushing me out and holding me in the place at the same time… 

[ as if a huge golden rock has just grown before me, a Sacred Phallus, Lingam ] 

I feel it from the centre of the Circle, I feel it from the centre of my Being. The Lingam is growing from within and from without - it is in the Centre, in the Heart - it is nowhere and everywhere at the same time - there’s no division - everything has merged together - (Shiva Lingam growing from the ground of a Yoni).

The sound of the Tibetan bowl and "i" give up all resistance to the flow-stream, forgetting the fear of being pushed here or there, i surrender, i dissolve as a salt-doll in the water of the ocean and merge with the energy flow streaming through my existence, my Being, which is felt as golden plasma-current, as if I’m a tube through which water is flowing, or a wire through which electricity is going. 

I’m filled up with lava-love, I’m overwhelmed with energy from within - there’s no more «me», there’s only pure experience.

Moment by moment «i» get used to this powerful experience and «i» becomes more conscious of what is happening.

I feel: there’re six of us, there’s witness no more among us six, I don’t feel her anymore…

Here and Now…

I feel, a huge something above us six - as a Massive dirigible, an airship, a Great Torus-shaped Bubble is landing on us six, and my arms are stretched up , holding its shape and following its movement from above into our plane down, covering our circle of six.

And now the practice, the work, the process begins…

This is a repetitive experience of beginning of the practice of the Discipline of Authentic Movement in group.

My associations with Hindu symbols, that appeared in the experience of energy, are natural, because I practice yoga for about 10 years, and martial arts for more than 25 years.

During all this period of experiences I've searched for information which could explain anything/ So i've explored that there’s an Involution process that is taking place in the Discipline - Involution, when Many become One, versus Evolution, when One becomes Many. The spiritual path lies in de-materialisation of the body, transcending body-mind consciousness into spirit consciousness.


Thus, in the context of all this, it’s important to mention Drunvalo Melchizedek's book «Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life» (vol.1 , p.147 – p.154 - the pictures are reachable for free at - there's no better quality, sorry) 


Drunvalo Melchizedek writes about the evolution process, which transmutates through the symbols of «Eye of Horus», Vesica Piscis (Mandorla) and further… till the Seed of Life, the Tree of Life and the Flower of Life, describing in detail how one symbol transforms into another, step by step, day by day… of Genesis.

Let me quote him:

"It says in many Bibles in the world that on the FOURth day of Genesis exactly one HALF of creation was completed. Starting from the first motion (of the Eye), exactly one half of the circle was formed (exactly 180 degrees from the point of the first motion)". 

And then the fifth day... [ almost complete ], and then on the SIXth day a geometric miracle takes place"

Thus, the last circle forms a complete SIX-petaled flower (in the centre) as if a 7th element emerges from the unity of Six. 



This is what many of the earlier Bibles meant when they said: “In the beginning there were SIX.”

Thus, the practice of the Discipline of Authentic Movement may just begin with the Circle of Six, as a ground element (the basis) for an Involution process to take place - from many to one - when the Six becomes the One.

And so the process of Involution goes Vice Versa towards Vesica Piscis experience, when six Movers as One merge with the Witness becoming the Unity of the Inner Witness and the Outer Witness, creating the Sacred Womb (Yoni - Prakriti - the Feminine aspect of Creation - Shakti), from which the Sacred Stem emerge (Lingam - Purusha - the Masculine aspect of Creation - Shiva), which is also called the Eye of Horus by Egyptians, YahWeh or YHWH - Tetragrammaton in Kabbala, which means «I Am» or «I Will», or it is also called the «Eye» of Truth, the «I» - «I am I» - the True «Self», the Higher Consciousness.













Drunvalo Melchizedek «Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life» (vol.1 , p.147 – p.154)

Written for Journal of Authentic Movement & Somatic Inquiry

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